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  • Marcelo Vieta

Richard Wolff interviews Marcelo Vieta on workers' taking over enterprises, Economic Update show

To listen to the interview, go here.

I was recently interviewed by Prof. Richard Wolff on his weekly show Economic Update. We discussed the research for my book Workers' Self-Management in Argentina, workers' control, workers' takeovers of enterprises, and worker co-ops. The episode dropped on April 14, 2021. Many thanks to Prof. Wolff and the Democracy at Work team for the opportunity to share my research!

Economic Update is a weekly nationally syndicated radio and TV program that appears on FreeSpeech TV, WBAI-FM New York City (Pacifica Radio), CUNY TV (WNYE-DT3), and as a podcast. EU is produced by Democracy at Work and hosted by economist Prof. Richard D. Wolff.

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