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Marcelo Vieta, Associate Professor
Program in Adult Education and Community Development, Department in Leadership, Higher and Adult Education
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto
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marcelo [dot] vieta [at] | +1.416.978.0515 | OISE/UT Office 7-113 (seventh floor)
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My research and teaching are influenced by the sociology of work, critical theory, class-struggle Marxism, social anarchism, the philosophy of technology, critical community development, the community economies approach, and other radical traditions.


Most broadly, my work explores how more cooperation, solidarity, and democracy may be fostered in the workplace and the community. Social and solidarity economies is the term I adopt for people-centred rather than capital-centred socio-economic experiences where community members work together to co-produce social wealth and more justly distribute goods and services via horizontal and directly democratic arrangements. I am particularly attentive to working people's experiments in recuperating, transforming, converting, or re-inventing capitalist organizations into community-based cooperative alternatives, while overcoming neoliberal crises and crafting their own social and economic destinies in the process.

My research practice deploys case study, ethnographic, phenomenological, documentary, participatory, and quantitative methods. I particularly endeavour to conduct my research collaboratively, working with networks of scholars, social and solidarity economy practitioners, and students as co-researchers in the global North and South.

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My research program operates on three sociological levels: the social, the organizational, and the individual. I take these up in three main research streams:


York University (Toronto)

PhD in Social and Political Thought
Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

1. Theoretically analyzing the social and solidarity economy, social movements, and organizational processes and technologies against and beyond neoliberal capitalism

2. Empirically researching transformative workplaces, cooperatives, community associations, and other organizations driven by social change

3. Conceptually mapping informal workplace learning, learning-in-struggle, workers and communities recuperating enterprises, and economic democracy


Simon Fraser University (Vancouver)

MA in Communication


Simon Fraser University (Vancouver)

BA in Communication (Honours First Class)

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