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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Página/12 sobre Zanón: "Para sacarles la fábrica a los obreros" | "In Order to Take Away the Factory from its Workers"

Synopsis: SACMI, an Italian financial organization that lent money to FaSinPat's (ex-Zanón) former owner, has appealed to the Argentine legal system for a quicker "resolution" to the fate of the recovered factory rather than having to wait the three years of control the recovered-factory's workers were granted by the courts last October. At core, claims one of the workers interviewed by Pagina/12, SACMI's desire is to not only get its money back but to also give back the largest ceramics manufacturer in Argentina to its former owner. According to the article, SACMI is in cahoots with the former ownership, recently pardoning a loan of $13 million Argentine pesos it had granted to Luigi Zanon.

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