Thoughts on Argentina's Conjunctures :: Recuperating Work, Recovering Life (2005-2007)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Mario Alberto Barrios of the UST workers' coop and ANTA in Argentina, comes to Canada

In one of four morning workshops held during the Building Power conference at Ryerson University on April 14, 2007, Mario Alberto Barrios, General Secretary of the National Association of Self-Managed Workers (ANTA) of the Argentine Workers’ Central (CTA) inspired a lively discussion among those present concerning a new politics for labour in Canada. Mario got the workshop started with a challenging question to the 20 or so academics, activists, and union reps from CUPE, CAW, the Ontario Teachers’ Federation, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, and the Steelworkers present in the workshop: “How is another politics possible for organized labour?” This is, he told us, one of the most important questions for a new politics in Argentina and in the struggle for the transformation of workers’ lives.

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