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Saturday, June 10, 2006

¡Vamos Argentina!

I was at the 1986 World Cup, aged 16, in Mexico City, when Argentina, captained by Diego Maradona at the pinacle of his career, won the Mundial. That afternoon in July, in the hot sun of the Azteca stadium, I witnessed with 120,00 other fans, sheer magic!

And, while a critique of the corporatization and commodification of the game is definitely in order (see previous post), one can't deny the beauty, the magesty, and the passion that also engulfs the "beautiful game." To all of those fans of futbol out there, I say godspead to you and your squad a this World Cup. Immerse yourself in the community that it fosters, get to know other cultures while you watch the games, and embrace the passion of futbol with others!

As for me, it's "¡Dale Argentina!" all the way.