Thoughts on Argentina's Conjunctures :: Recuperating Work, Recovering Life (2005-2007)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Around the world on a tandem bike...uniting the universities of the south

My friends, Andrés Ruggeri and Karina Luchetti, embarked on their one year, round-the-world tandem biking odyssey on Sunday, September 30, 2007. There's even a Toronto connection. The trailer you see in the picture was purchased at the worker-run coop, Urbane Cyclist, on John St. in Toronto and I shipped it to Andrés just in time for his trip thanks to the help of Sean Smith of the CAW. That Urbane is a worker coop is perhaps not as coincidental as it might seem. I told Andrés about the bike shop and he energetically poured over its online catalog looking for the trailer he eventually found.

Workers' cooperativism is close to Andrés's heart and the thought of getting the trailer from Urbane gave him joy. Andrés happens to also head the Argentine Worker-Recovered Documentation Centre out of the worker cooperative and worker-recovered Artes Gráficas Chilavert. He is an expert on Argentina's worker-recovered workers' cooperatives, co-authoring The [Worker-]Recovered Enterprises in Argentina with Hugo Trinchero and Carlos Martinez.

For more, see The World in Tandem, Andrés and Karina's 'official' trip website.