Marcelo Vieta social researcher


social science/environmental studies 4041.6: alternative economic firms and organizations

Division of Social Science and School of Environmental Studies, York University (Course Director) (2007-2008).

humanities 1650.6: the networked imagination

Department of Humanities, York University (Teaching Assistant) (2004-2005 and 2005-2006).

lecture on “blogs as social media”

Lecture given in Humanities 1650: “The Networked Imagination,” Department of Humanities, York University (Mar. 2006).

lecture on “the worker-recovered enterprises movement in argentina”

Lecture given in “Engineering and Social Justice - Critical Theories of Technological Practice,” Department of Sociology and Faculty of Applied Sciences, Queen’s University (Mar. 2008).

other courses taught and lectures given, 1997-2006

School of Communication, Simon Fraser University; BC Philosophers Cafés; as e-learning and community development manager for TELUS Communications; and other places (see my CV for more details).

humanities 1170.6: the modern age - shapers and definers 

Department of Humanities, York University (Teaching Assistant) (2006-2007).

a genealogy of autogestión (self-management)

Two week intensive graduate seminar, Centre for Advanced Studies, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, (Course Director) (Jun. or Jul. 2013).

social science 1341.6: introduction to the social economy

Division of Social Science, York University (Teaching Assistant) (2009-2010 and 2010-2011).

neoliberal crisis: gender and self-management in argentina

Invited lecture (with Graciela Monteagudo) given at the Engendering Crisis lecture series, Fisher Center for the Study of Men and Women, Hobarts and william Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY (Sept. 2009) (mp3 of lecture) (also go here).

recuperating enterprises, reviving communities: a proposal for studying conversions to labour-managed firms

Organized and led a one day public seminar for researchers, collaborators, the University of Trento community, and the general public at the European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (EURICSE) and the Faculty of Economics, University of Trento (Oct. 25, 2012).

Here you will find some of my teaching activities, from most recent to earliest.


lecture on “the will to virtuality”

Lecture given in Humanities 1650: “The Networked Imagination,” Department of Humanities, York University (Mar. 2005).

lecture on “humour as language of everyday life: towards a theory of subversion”

Lecture given in Communication 304: “Theories of Language in Everyday Life,” School of Communication, Simon Fraser University (Oct. 2003).

lecture on “voluntary simplicity and ethical consumption”

Lectures given in Communication 210: “Social Communication in Advertising,” School of Communication, Simon Fraser University (Mar. and Nov. 2003).

lecture on “mcluhan, the frankfurt school, and media studies”

Lecture given in “History and Theory of Visual Culture,” Ontario College of Art and Design (Jan. 2006).

lecture on “argentina’s worker-recuperated firms as social enterprises: bridging production with community economic development and self-reliance”

Lecture to be given in Communication Studies 400gA: “Social Enterprise, Communication, and Culture,” Communication Studies, Faculty of Arts, Wilfrid Laurier University Course (Oct. 25, 2012).