Marcelo Vieta social researcher


Here you will find some of my most recent research projects, book projects, critical education and community organizing, and editorships from the past few years, from most recent to earliest.

toronto school of creativity and inquiry

Co-founder and co-organizer (2004-present).

interactions through the screen: the interactional self as a theory for internet-mediated communication

MA thesis, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University (2002-2004).

“occupy, resist, produce”: an historical and phenomenological inquiry into argentina’s worker-recovered enterprises

Early esearch proposal for my PhD project, Programme in Social and Political Thought, York University (research stages carried out between 2005-2009).


the digest: innovations in new media

Co-editor for issues 9, 10, 11. Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University (2003-2004).

researcher on argentina’s and venezuela’s economies of solidarity and the social economy, southern ontario social economy node’s project 20: “new social economy initiatives in latin america”

Led primary research gathering, analysis, and writing on Argentina’s social and solidarity economy with Prof. Daniel Schugerensky (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) (2009-2010).

the new cooperativism

Finalizing book manuscript for edited collection on new forms of cooperatives, for publication in 2013.

recuperating enterprises, reviving communities: a cross-national study of conversions of investor-owned businesses into labour-managed firms

Lead researcher and research designer for a qualitative and quantitative cross-national and multi-phased research project looking into workplace conversions of investor-owned or proprietary firms into worker cooperatives and other types of labour-managed firms (in progress). Position paper in English, here and here. | Position paper in italiano, qui e qui.

there’s no stopping the workers: crisis, autogestión, and argentina’s worker-recuperated enterprises

Developing a solo-authored book manuscript for publication in 2013.

taking destiny into their own hands: autogestión and cooperation in argentina’s worker-recuperated enterprises

PhD dissertation defended without revisions and nominated for the York University “Distinguished Dissertation Award” (2012).

the workers’ economy: self-management, cooperatives, and other alternatives from the perspective of workers

Developing an edited book on the theme of the “workers’ economy,” in co-editorship with Andrés Ruggeri and Marco Gómez, for publication in 2013.

techno-experiential design assessment project, e-lifestyles cluster

Part of a multi-disciplinary research team that developed a unique technology assessment methodology and research tool applying “state of the art” media theory and communication research methods. In conjunction with the New Media Innovation Centre (NewMIC) and the Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology (CPROST), Simon Fraser University (2002-2004).

communication consultancy

Independent consultant for several government ministries on youth initiatives and outreach for the Government of the Province of British Columbia (1997-1999).

research assistant for academic book on advertising as communication

Researched, developed, and applied a unique television advertising analysis protocol using content analysis and semiological research paradigms to analyze randomly-selected television ads geared at youth. The outcome of my research played a central role in various chapters of the book Social Communication in Advertising (Routledge, 2005) (1996-1998).

e-learning producer and community development manager, telus communications

Produced, developed, and managed e-learning and online community outreach projects for Canada’s second largest telecommunications company (1999-2002).

researcher for the measuring the cooperative difference network’s national cluster’s project 2: “the canadian cooperative development initiative (CDI) and innovation

Research consultant and co-researcher with Dr. Fiona Duguid (in progress).

researcher for the project raising job standards: economic growth, employment generation, and inclusive development in latin america

Research consultant and co-researcher with Prof. Viviana Patroni (in progress). For more, go here.